“Convention of the People” is what I guess you could call a politically themed blog that I am starting. I do not give out personal information, as “Oliver Tectus” is just an alias. The primary goal of this site will be to inform the American people and spread the truth as far as it will be heard. The secondary goal will be to catch as many opinions as we can. We want to hear your thoughts in the comments. This is a convention, not simply a blog. Provide facts, evidence and your opinion to contribute to what we know. Over time, we hope to have an accurate and honest source of information and news.

For the time being, I will be the only person posting to the site. Within the next two weeks, I would like to expand that to include multiple authors and perhaps editors. This depends on how many viewers and commentators we can get active on the site. Once activity rises, I will be more than happy to put out a form and email address for anyone who wants to be an author or contributor.

Each day I will post any number of posts ranging from 1 to 8, depending on the day and if there’s anything new that I feel needs to be discussed. Each post will be laid out in two portions. The first portion will consist of pure fact and evidence. I will not be biased in any way, not even in deliverance of the information. We will take a cold, hard look at every aspect of the issue and unravel all that there is to unravel. Then at the end, for the second portion, I will give a brief synopsis of my thoughts and opinion on the matter. You can feel free to show your agreement or disagreement in the comments, I am equally open to both. You can add on to the information, tell me why you think my thoughts are wrong, provide more evidence or whatever you may feel is necessary. Just make sure that it is always constructive and that you remain considerate of others.

Whether you agree with their political affiliations, beliefs, etc or not, it is always best to be respectful. Anyone who is unnecessarily disrespectful, no matter of who you are, will be punished accordingly. If it is severe enough, you will no longer be allowed to post on this site. (And we have methods of enforcing this if you do not use an account to post.)

So let’s try to keep a healthy, open dialogue and hear everyone out. You never know when you might learn something yourself.

-O. Tectus